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Because of our mild winter weather here in Dallas, winter senior portraits are filled with possibilities. We have shorter shooting days but we avoid the harsh summer temperatures and love the texture and earthy colors of dry leaves and golden grasses.  We have more overcast days with lots of clouds to diffuse the harsh sunlight and can actually move around more freely in the parks where we normally shoot.  Average weather (if there is such a thing in Texas) tells us most winter days in Dallas with an average temperature of 50 or higher — which is great weather for sweaters and great outfits with jackets –and bare trees and evergreens make for wonderful backdrops that make eye color and skin look fabulous.

Here are some tips for late fall and early winter photo sessions.

  1. Dress in layers. Add scarves and sweaters to jeans and boots.
  2. Location. Seek out tall dry grasses that move in the wind to add motion and energy to your portraits.
  3. Architecture. Use dramatic arches, buildings and stone and brick walls to add depth and texture to the backgrounds.
  4. Go urban! We like to feature pathways, steps and streets to lead the eye in and out of the shot.


Senior portraits in winter
Teresa Berg Senior Portraits


We can make a memories with a cloudy day and use the softer light to highlight eyes and hair in our subjects. We may not have snow on the ground, but falling leaves are gorgeous.  So if you’re thinking about scheduling a senior portrait session don’t skip January and February on the calendar. And don’t forget our studio options — our most popular session, the In & Out session includes some studio time, too!

For more ideas for winter senior portraits check out this Pinterest search

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senior portraits in black and white


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