Tips for senior portraits in hot weather

It’s still August, but every family is getting ready for the back-to-school surge of activity.  Some of our area schools have early deadlines for yearbook submissions, so we are booking senior portraits now and only have a few openings left between now and October 1st.

Here’s a few tips for senior portraits in the heat:

  1. Get up early!  The light and the heat are not kind to us after about 10am.  So plan on an early start.
  2. Use the hair and makeup artist — she can make you look good when you start, and make your great look last.  Long hair is particularly tricky when the heat and humidity rise — you need that professional touch.
  3. Dress casual and keep your layers of clothing to a minimum.  Even jewelry can make you feel hot and sticky, so pare it down!  You don’t want senior portraits where you look wilted.
  4. Plan for more formal shots to be done in the studio. Lots of seniors need a few headshots for their college apps, sorority submissions or internships — and typically these are done in semi-business casual outfits.  Our most popular session, The IN & OUT session, allows for studio time as well as outdoor shooting, so you can take the dressy stuff indoors and stay cool.

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Sundresses and sleveless tops are great during an August senior photo session!

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We love photographing beautiful clothes from other cultures — Thanks, Ashani for being such a great model — we had a great time!

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