What’s the best time for a senior portrait session?

Many people think the best time for senior portrait sessions is just before graduation because they want to send out announcements and celebrate the big event. And we agree that in some situations, early spring is ideal. So why do summer senior portraits? So many of our seniors are HYPER committed and scheduled to the absolute limit the last few weeks of school. Photographers are all booked up way in advance giving you fewer options, and exams, proms and banquets of all sorts tend to leave everyone feeling overwhelmed!

That’s why we’re always happy when we get to do some relaxed “after graduation” sessions. These late spring and early summer sessions give us more to choose from in the way of natural locations, too. The trees are fully green and there are lots of pretty outdoor elements we can incorporate in to the background to give a lush gracious summer time look. And Seniors are more relaxed! When the graduation stress melts away you can see it in their faces.

Additionally, they can celebrate with parties and trips that don’t often conflict with what other kids at school might be doing. And do you really care if those announcements go out before the “walk across the stage?” Many of those are mailed to out-of-towners anyway! Here are a few examples from Katie’s late spring session…

Late spring and early summer make lush green backgrounds for outdoor portraits
Dallas senior portraits

We can also do “prom dress” shots without worrying about what happens if the dress gets dirty. And who doesn’t want another chance to WEAR THAT DRESS?

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