Sorority Rush | Headshots for seniors

Sorority Rush is a great time to do headshots for seniors. Even if you’re planning to do a senior photo session (or you’ve already done one) –and you just need the perfect shots to submit with your sorority applications. We may call it “headshots” but it doesn’t have to just be head and shoulders. Most sororities require a 2/3 body shot or even a full length shot. So bring the specs and we will make sure you have the perfect photos. But they don’t have to be boring school photos!

Our studio headshot session is $225 and includes 2 digital images. The session is about 20 minutes long and we can shoot either outdoors in the nearby park, or we can do studio shots — your choice!  If you need more than one outfit, we have an expanded headshot session which is $395 and includes 4 images. The expanded session allows more time for multiple outfits. All prices include complete photoshop editing, so don’t worry if you have a few last minute blemishes, we’ve got it covered.

Need a hair and makeup artist to help you create the look you want? We’ve got the best people. For an additional $110 fee, they will meet you here at our studio and style, straighten or curl your hair and do your complete makeup so you look your best before you step in front of the camera. Our makeup people know the perfect way to apply makeup for the camera to keep you from looking washed out, but they never over do it. We want you to look like you -just on your very best day. Need some fun tips on getting ready for rush? Check out Sorority Sugar

Many of our senior headshot session photos get used for auditions for actors and modeling agencies, so be sure and let us know if you are planning to also use the images we create for you for other purposes and we’ll cover all the bases.

And P.S. It’s fun!

teresa berg seniors
headshots for sorority rush
teresa berg seniors
senior headshots for sorority rush

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