Add pets to your senior portraits!

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Tips for adding pets to your senior portrait session.

We love them and always encourage people to bring their pets, but here’s a few tips before you head to the park.

1. Bring his favorite treats! We always keep a few organic treats but it may not be his brand, so bring his favorite.
2. Let us know if your pet is treat motivated (some aren’t) or toy motivated so that we can quickly grab his attention.
3. Tire him out with a nice walk or play session before the appointment. He’ll settle down quickly and relax for the camera. If we know in advance that he’s going to be an element of your session, we can plan a location that will add to whatever activities you’d like to share with the camera. Action shots? No problem! We can easily catch him leaping through the air for a frisbee catch or plowing through leaves after a tennis ball. His fun will add to yours.
3. Wear a contrasting color, so you’ll BOTH stand out. And remember to wear a slightly lighter color than your pet’s fur (so that shedding is less obvious). If your pet is a cat, we may want to spend some time in the studio as opposed to shooting outdoors only. Not all cats are comfortable outdoors.
4. Give him lots of praise, and frequent breaks during the session. It’s hard work being a supermodel! Concentrating on pleasing you, is exhausting for him.
5. Plan some action shots or an activity that he likes so that we can tell your “story.” Whatever memories are important to you, are important to us.

That’s it! The rest is up to the photographer. We never photograph pets without leashes, so don’t worry about distractions –the leashes will disappear with the magic of PhotoShop later. Please just let us know so we’ll bring everything we’ll need… Teresa Berg pet portraits with seniors

Fall senior portraits : Greenhill deadline approaches

Just a reminder! If you are a Senior at Greenhill School in Dallas the deadline for your senior portraits to be submitted for the yearbook is October 2nd.  We have just a few spots left if you haven’t made your appointments.  The Quick & Easy portrait session is just 30 minutes and easy to schedule. Perfect if you’re not looking to do multiple outfits!  All the shots shown below were done in the thirty minute Quick & Easy session. Lots of variety, not lots of trouble. Congratulations, Simon!  Have a great senior year.


How much Photoshop?

We love our software and we have created some really cool special effects for some of our senior portraits but we try to keep things looking real and natural. We reserve the special effects for something fun — and we definitely don’t want to over process our images so that your senior photos look like you’re wearing a mask or heavy makeup. We prefer to let you be your own kind of beautiful — and not a copy of someone else. Isn’t that what senior year is all about?

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What kind of weather works for a senior portrait session?

We’ve had a TON of rain –and our calendar has taken a few hits– but the truth is, that the long wet spring here in Dallas has been fabulous for our senior portrait sessions. A bright overcast day gives us lots of options (instead of always staying in the shade, for example). Here’s a quick collage of some of our recent great faces — but if you haven’t booked yet, don’t forget about our QUICK & EASY session. It’s a favorite with the guys. Just 30 minutes of shooting (either in the studio or the nearby park) –and mom will get off your back 😉 teresa berg senior portraits dallas plano

Dallas and Plano Senior portraits with Teresa Berg

This crazy rainy spring has made our outdoor photo sessions both wonderful and unpredictable — so much fun to use the lush green parks as our backdrop for fun portrait sessions.  We recently finished Sydney’s senior pictures and just love the hair!  She wanted to bring her sisters for a couple of shots and we were more than happy to include them.  We love using our bright colored quilts and flowers to add pops of color…

senior portraits dallas and plano teresa berg

THINK SPRING: Senior portraits come alive with flowers!

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LOVE FLOWERS?  We’re crazy about them!  We can weave a crown of flowers with colors that coordinate with a specific outfit, or we can pin a few in the hair or use them as a fun prop. We are fortunate to have a flower shop almost next door, so we have access to lots of pretty and unusual plants and blooms . Because each senior is an individual, so are the flowers we choose for them. We want the flowers to work with each unique personality and style, and perhaps remind Mom and Grandma how you use to bring them flowers when you were “just a little girl.” Once the shoot is over some of our seniors choose to dry out their crowns or bouquets to save along with other keepsakes.

Spring sessions are booking up fast — call the studio and save a spot!  972-250-2415.

Plan now for spring senior portraits

Excited about a senior portrait session but not sure what you want?  We have a variety of photo session options (mostly based on how much time and how many outfits we photograph you in) But, look at the variety you can get with even one outfit and one location?  This session was shot in the area around our studio (Addison Circle) on a bright afternoon. As soon as she was finished with the hair and makeup artist we walked up the street and just started having fun — so don’t be worried about not getting good pictures because you haven’t got everything figured out in advance.  Even if you pick out just one favorite outfit and do our QUICK AND EASY SESSION – you’ll have lots of fun pictures to choose from (enough even for one of our gorgeous books) to celebrate your senior year.  But don’t delay about booking the date — once the weather warms up the calendar fills up fast!   Teresa Berg Photography Dallas Plano Senior portraits





Dallas early spring senior portraits

February is not usually a busy month for senior portraits in Dallas but it should be! The golden color of dry grass and leaves in our Texas landscape makes a dreamy background that looks great. So much more flattering to the skin than bright green grass. We always look for beautiful natural textures to add depth and interest to our portraits — so beat the rush and book a February portrait. We’ll sweeten the deal with 3 FREE 5×7 prints (that’s a $150 savings) — mom will love that. teresa berg senior photos