Senior Portraits: When to wear a suit

Planning to bring a suit to your senior portrait session? Always a good idea. The first few years of college may bring lots of opportunities your way –including internships, fraternities, even employment — so it’s never to early to look like you mean business.

Most seniors are photographed just before high school graduation and then not again until after college (or even at their wedding!) so it’s smart to have a professional photo taken that will work for a variety of uses over time.  Hopefully, it will be a great fitting suit that shows off your personal style. It never hurts to look like a boss.

wear a suit for senior portraits

wear a suit for senior photos

what to wear for guys senior portraits

senior portraits with cello

Hannah: senior portrait video


dallas senior portraits
North Dallas Senior Portrait photographer: Teresa Berg


We just loved this spring senior portrait session and the senior portrait video from our session with Hannah.  She loves fashion, hair and makeup and worked with our makeup artist, Bailey. As soon as she arrived at the studio, they got busy coordinating makeup with her outfits and creating a style that would allow for several different looks during the shoot. I think these portraits really show off her fun personality– and her confidence!

After reviewing her clothing choices, we made a plan.  We started in the studio (so we could do a few cap and gown shots for her book) and then moved to the park. We selected one outfit for the “playing in the fountain” series and another that would work for her casual headshots. Mother Nature made a great background. Hannah booked our IN & OUT session which means she had time for 3-4 outfits and about two hours of total shooting time. This is our most popular senior photo session and the amount of variety we can get from one senior portrait session is amazing. Even putting together the senior portrait video preview was fun!  We also used one of our quilts for some fun color (sometimes the park is just too green) and chose an outfit for that.

Because we planned carefully, we were able to get a couple of different hair “looks” by pinning part of it back for some outfits. And through it all, Hannah was fabulous. It’s not easy to know what to do in front of a camera for two hours — but we helped her by suggesting ways to look at the camera and coached her with ideas on how to stand and move. We think you’ll like the results!

Here’s her preview slideshow:










Sorority Rush | Headshots for seniors

Sorority Rush is a great time to do headshots for seniors. Even if you’re planning to do a senior photo session (or you’ve already done one) –and you just need the perfect shots to submit with your sorority applications. We may call it “headshots” but it doesn’t have to just be head and shoulders. Most sororities require a 2/3 body shot or even a full length shot. So bring the specs and we will make sure you have the perfect photos. But they don’t have to be boring school photos!

Our studio headshot session is $225 and includes 2 digital images. The session is about 20 minutes long and we can shoot either outdoors in the nearby park, or we can do studio shots — your choice!  If you need more than one outfit, we have an expanded headshot session which is $395 and includes 4 images. The expanded session allows more time for multiple outfits. All prices include complete photoshop editing, so don’t worry if you have a few last minute blemishes, we’ve got it covered.

Need a hair and makeup artist to help you create the look you want? We’ve got the best people. For an additional $110 fee, they will meet you here at our studio and style, straighten or curl your hair and do your complete makeup so you look your best before you step in front of the camera. Our makeup people know the perfect way to apply makeup for the camera to keep you from looking washed out, but they never over do it. We want you to look like you -just on your very best day. Need some fun tips on getting ready for rush? Check out Sorority Sugar

Many of our senior headshot session photos get used for auditions for actors and modeling agencies, so be sure and let us know if you are planning to also use the images we create for you for other purposes and we’ll cover all the bases.

And P.S. It’s fun!

teresa berg seniors
headshots for sorority rush
teresa berg seniors
senior headshots for sorority rush

Winter Senior Portraits | Teresa Berg Seniors

Because of our mild winter weather here in Dallas, winter senior portraits are filled with possibilities. We have shorter shooting days but we avoid the harsh summer temperatures and love the texture and earthy colors of dry leaves and golden grasses.  We have more overcast days with lots of clouds to diffuse the harsh sunlight and can actually move around more freely in the parks where we normally shoot.  Average weather (if there is such a thing in Texas) tells us most winter days in Dallas with an average temperature of 50 or higher — which is great weather for sweaters and great outfits with jackets –and bare trees and evergreens make for wonderful backdrops that make eye color and skin look fabulous.

Here are some tips for late fall and early winter photo sessions.

  1. Dress in layers. Add scarves and sweaters to jeans and boots.
  2. Location. Seek out tall dry grasses that move in the wind to add motion and energy to your portraits.
  3. Architecture. Use dramatic arches, buildings and stone and brick walls to add depth and texture to the backgrounds.
  4. Go urban! We like to feature pathways, steps and streets to lead the eye in and out of the shot.


Senior portraits in winter
Teresa Berg Senior Portraits


We can make a memories with a cloudy day and use the softer light to highlight eyes and hair in our subjects. We may not have snow on the ground, but falling leaves are gorgeous.  So if you’re thinking about scheduling a senior portrait session don’t skip January and February on the calendar. And don’t forget our studio options — our most popular session, the In & Out session includes some studio time, too!

For more ideas for winter senior portraits check out this Pinterest search

teresa berg seniors
senior portraits in black and white


teresa berg photography
Dallas winter portrait sessions
Teresa Berg photography
Outdoor senior sessions


Plano East Senior Portraits : Steven

teresa berg photography


Our recent session for Plano East Senior, Steve, was a photographer’s dream. Not only is Steve a great guy and the perfect model, but we had amazing weather and even his dog had fun!  We used several different locations and the light was great. Consequently, we had way too many proofs to share with him and his family — but it’s a good problem to have. Our selection process in the studio will be a challenge but I know he will want to design his senior book using a lot of these portraits, so we included images that were designed to help tell a story. And I hope some of his friends from Plano East Senior High will see them and realize what a star he is!

One of the things we strive to do is show the variety of this very important time of life. And Steve is involved in a lot of Plano East activities, like hockey and orchestra –so we wanted to do some studio shots to capture some of the magic of this time in his life. We’ll use his cap and gown images to design a cool graduation announcement (so much more personal than the ones the school offers!). Many years from now he can sit down with his book and his kids and tell them all about his school and what his passions were at this time of his life.

The slideshow below is designed as a preview only. It’s lower resolution so that clients can view it quickly on their phones and tablets. When we meet with Steve and his family to make their final decisions, we will sit down in front of a 60″ television monitor and look at them in much greater detail. The software we use during this process helps us to side by side comparisons and quickly sort through the images and choose the ones he likes the best.

Thanks, Steve — we had a blast.

Senior photo session plus bonus family session!

Book your Senior photo session before the end of 2016 and we’ll include a mini session for your immediate family the same day! Many of our beautiful outdoor shooting spots work great for family portraits, and when the time comes to update your family gallery, everything blends so well.  As added incentive, this bonus family session is a great way to knock out a few of those hard to buy for people on your holiday gift list (portraits are one-size-fits-all) and maybe even have a great custom holiday card. What could be better?  We will even line up  the Hair & Makeup people for you so mom gets a little pampering, too.

Be sure and mention the bonus family session when you call the studio to book your appointment so we can help you with ideas on what to wear and the locations that also work with families. Want to view more of our family photography? Visit our family website.

bonus family portrait




And seniors don’t need to wear clothing that matches the rest of the family in their senior portraits — we can easily accommodate clothing changes during the session. And for clothing ideas, you can always bring extra options and we can coordinate when we meet.  Did you know we had a pinterest page with all sorts of ideas for senior portraits?  Visit it here


teresa berg family portrait


Dallas portrait photographer


Senior portraits in the studio | Dallas


As a senior portrait photographer in Dallas I see a lot of beautiful young faces. And while most seniors are focused on the locations and outfits what I really love is the close-ups. When we look for a connection and the perfect way to capture the personality, the close-up is what grabs our attention.  We love both black and white and color but always look for the natural smile and right amount of light in the eyes.

The angles and the use of negative space will add energy and drama to a senior headshot. And a neutral background brings all the attention to the face. So we love it when we can use the studio (the examples here are natural light portraits done in our camera room which has a 10’x10′ wall of glass) and really bring out the detail and focus on the expression.

headshots for dallas seniors senior-portraits-dallas-studio-photographer


Teresa Berg Dallas Greenhill portraits

Our In & Out session is our most popular session because it allows us to do both the classic studio look and also have some fun outdoors incorporating nature or some fun urban settings. Remembering that these portraits will be something you look at for many years — and don’t forget the end use of your portraits, like “what do you want on your wall?”  And what will make a great graduation announcement photo. Most seniors choose outdoor settings by default because they’re looking for a location that helps them express what they feel, but studio portraits can make a bold and interesting statement. Studio lighting gives us the ability to give more detail and a greater focus on their accessories like musical instruments, artwork and their keepsakes.Even a glamour look.  Why not a some of both!  Looking for ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for senior portraits  

senior portraits in studio


Senior Portraits Dallas: Fall or Spring?

Fall always means back-to-school and for many seniors, lots of extra activities like football practice, band practice and lots of gearing up.  It’s a great time to plan for senior portraits, especially if you plan to use your portraits during the year for yearbook, fraternity/sorority applications, internships, and holiday gifts. The added bonus of fall senior portrait sessions is often the added color we get in our outdoor shooting locations. During our longer IN & OUT SESSION, we are happy to include a few shots of the whole family which helps Mom and Dad with holiday cards and holiday gift-giving! That’s the plus side.

The negative side of shooting in Dallas in the fall is the heat. Often our great fall colors and textures mature because natural landscapes are stressed and the August and September heat causes leaves to fall and grass to go brown. As a general rule, the softer neutrals of fall make GREAT backdrops for portraits, but we schedule a lot of our autumn sessions outdoors and use the early morning hours to avoid the 90+ degree heat. We also choose parks with fountains or ponds to make the setting feel a little cooler. Our calendar is very full in the fall with our non-senior session clients, too, so if you’re interested in fall portraits, be sure and book well in advance.

teresa berg photography

greenhil 2017

2017 senior portraits dallas

Spring has lots of advantages with longer shooting days and lots of green landscapes — and seniors often use their prom dresses as one of their outfits during their senior sessions. But spring can also bring lots of wet, rainy days making scheduling senior sessions difficult — not to mention all of the end-of-senior-year activities that compete for their time. So in the Fall vs. Spring discussion, there are lots of pros and cons — but the bottom line is 1. Plan ahead and book a time well in advance. 2. If you’re looking to also include other family members for a family portrait, Fall wins (because of holiday gift-giving) and 3. Be sure and include a few more formal shots for other uses during the school year.  #TBseniors  #teresabergSENIORS #greenhillschool

teresa berg seniors








Studio portraits for Seniors: Old school?

Are studio portraits for seniors dull and boring? We sure don’t think so! We love stretching the limits of what senior studio portraits look like. This recent shot of Cameron is a great example of a warm-toned black and white portrait that reflects a young man’s energy and intensity. Just because we create it in the studio doesn’t mean it has to look like “awkward senior photos from the 70s” — and we get the added benefit of using either studio lighting or natural window light to create the right look. We tend to stay away from bright painted backgrounds for senior portraits because they quickly look out-of-date — and who wants that on their living room wall? But we love the way denim photographs and the texture it lends to the image. We are constantly looking for layers of clothing or extra texture in clothing to add depth to the portraits. Denim in a black and white portrait is a real winner in studio portraits for seniors. To look at more clothing ideas — check out our Pinterest  board.  Oh, and as far as sessions in the studio? it’s about 30 degrees cooler this time of year. Our most popular session is the In & Out session, which allows us time in the studio to explore before we head out to a local park or other outdoor location. This way, we get a greater variety and more options for putting together a senior book or some awesome graduation announcements. Thanks, Cameron for being open to trying something different — and have a great Senior year at Greenhill!

teresa berg photography #TBseniors


senior portraits studio



Seniors 2017: Fashion Colors Trends : Dallas Senior Portraits

Senior year is the start of so many wonderful things — including portraits. What we hear over and over is “I want something different, I want to look like ME and express what’s special about ME” so that’s our number one goal. We work with each and every client family to make sure everyone gets what they want from a Senior portrait session.  And it’s often generational. The grandparents are looking for one look, the parents want to remember “their little girl” and the Senior wants to show off their personal style. It’s no wonder we shoot so many different looks and try so many things. No two portrait sessions are alike.

We love using fresh flowers to add a touch of nature, and our Bishop Lynch model, Ashlee, had lots of gorgeous red hair — so we styled her in front of a deep blue with soft natural flowers that brought out the colors in her dress and her eyes. Our hair and makeup artists teach while they apply the very best products — and everyone loves the results.  When Ashlee comes in for her own session, we will do fun shots outdoors and combine them with shots from the studio….. Thanks, Ashlee!

Dallas senior portrait photographer


This year BLUE is back in home decor — and our blue wall in the studio is the perfect deep shade (with a little more light on it, it’s very close to Snorkel Blue). Works with denim and GREAT with red hair! The 2016 Colors of the Year were Rose Quartz and Serenity by the Pantone Color Institute. The palette is said to reflect a desire of calmness in an industrial and technology-filled world. More on color trends soon….

color trends portraits and fashion







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